Friday, August 01, 2014

Mail que acabei de receber

It is confirmed. JP.Monfort, the first Human ever to present a Candidacy to the Presidency of the Sollar System, will ask U.S. President Barack Obama to run with him as Prime Minister of Planet Earth.

Unofficial sources confirm that President Barack Obama has not decided yet what he will do after his second mandate at the White House expires in January 2016. President Obama cannot run for a third term. (...)

In JP.Monfort’s candidacy to the Republic of the Sollar System, he shall need a running candidate to Prime Minister in every Planet of the Sollar System, including Planet Earth.

JP.Monfort continues to search for running candidates in every other planet of the Sollar System including Jupiter and Saturn. Any interested aliens can submit their expression of interest via intergalactic email (i-email).

[Isto deve ter por trás algum bizarro esquema de spam]

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