Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Proibindo a entrada nos EUA a pessoas preconceituosas e intolorentes

We need to keep “bad dudes” out of America, por Scott Sumner:

I saw Trump administration official Stephen Miller on a CBS interview, explaining that the recent travel ban was aimed at keeping out people with bigotry towards any sexual orientation, race, or class of people. So what kind of bigoted person does Stephen Miller have in mind? Steven Bannon? Or maybe this guy:
Trump’s other Steve: Stephen Miller’s rocket ride to power in the White House, por Andrew Romano (Yahoo News):
Miller went on to complain, in a column titled “Political Correctness Out of Control,” about the availability of condoms on the Santa Monica High School campus. He took issue with the administration’s acceptance of gays and lesbians, later writing that “just in case your son or daughter decides at their tender age that they are gay, we have a club … that will gladly help foster their homosexuality.” He griped that his fellow students weren’t being required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or to learn how heroic their predecessors were. Maybe American soldiers shouldn’t have killed Indians? Miller asked, sarcastically.

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