Monday, July 10, 2017


Há anos escrevi que "populista" quer dizer ou "politico de direita europeu de que não gosto" ou "politico de esquerda sul-americano de que não gosto".

Lembrei-me disto lendo este texto de Dani Rodrik (via Tyler Cowen):

The populist backlash may have been predictable, but the specific form it took was less so. Populism comes in different versions. It is useful to distinguish between left-wing and right-wing variants of populism, which differ with respect to the societal cleavages that populist politicians highlight and render salient. The US progressive movement and most Latin American populism took a left-wing form. Donald Trump and European populism today represent, with some instructive exceptions, the right-wing variant (Figure 2). What accounts for the emergence of right-wing versus left-wing variants of opposition to globalization?

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