Friday, August 17, 2012

Origens evolucionárias do igualitarismo?

On the evolutionary origins of the egalitarian syndrome, por Sergey Gavrilets (PNAS):


The evolutionary emergence of the egalitarian syndrome is one of the most intriguing unsolved puzzles related to the origins of modern humans. Standard explanations and models for cooperation and altruism—reciprocity, kin and group selection, and punishment—are not directly applicable to the emergence of egalitarian behavior in hierarchically organized groups that characterized the social life of our ancestors. Here I study an evolutionary model of group-living individuals competing for resources and reproductive success. In the model, the differences in fighting abilities lead to the emergence of hierarchies where stronger individuals take away resources from weaker individuals and, as a result, have higher reproductive success. First, I show that the logic of within-group competition implies under rather general conditions that each individual benefits if the transfer of the resource from a weaker group member to a stronger one is prevented. This effect is especially strong in small groups. Then I demonstrate that this effect can result in the evolution of a particular, genetically controlled psychology causing individuals to interfere in a bully–victim conflict on the side of the victim. A necessary condition is a high efficiency of coalitions in conflicts against the bullies. The egalitarian drive leads to a dramatic reduction in within-group inequality. Simultaneously it creates the conditions for the emergence of inequity aversion, empathy, compassion, and egalitarian moral values via the internalization of behavioral rules imposed by natural selection. It also promotes widespread cooperation via coalition formation.
[Via Razib Khan]

Note-se que eu apenas li o abstract; não faço ideia se o paper propriamente dito faz algum sentido; mas o abstract parece bater certo com a minha estratégia a jogar Seven Kingdoms (e também com o que me parece ser a estratégia incorporada na inteligência artificial do jogo) - fazer alianças com os reinos mais fracos para reduzir o poder do reino mais forte.

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