Sunday, July 05, 2015

Porque não se fala em PRexit?

Greece vs Puerto Rico and what's "systemic.", por John Cochrane:

 How is a Greek default different from a Puerto Rican default?

Answer: because Puerto Rico doesn't have its own banking system. It can't shut down banks. Banks in Puerto Rico are not loaded up on Puerto Rico debt, so depositors are not in danger if the state government defaults.

Puerto Rico, like Greece, uses a common currency. But there is no question of PRexit, that people wake up one morning and their dollar bank accounts are suddenly PR Peso bank accounts. So they have no reason to run and get cash out
   No, Puerto Rico Isn’t Greece, por Paul Krugman:
There are obvious parallels between the crisis in Puerto Rico and the disaster in Greece — a poor economy overshadowed by a huge wealthier economy to the north, budget problems, declarations that the debt is unpayable. And I don’t want to minimize the problems and pain in San Juan. But it’s important to understand that the depth of the pain is just not of the same order of magnitude, and not just because Puerto Rico’s banks are secured by a national safety net, although that helps. (...)

Greek real consumption per capita has plunged, whereas Puerto Rico’s has actually risen. (...)

What’s supporting that consumption? Some of it surely involves private remittances from Puerto Ricans working on the mainland and sending money home. But it’s also fiscal federalism: as Puerto Rico’s economy has stumbled, its payments to Washington have dropped while its receipts from federal social insurance programs have risen, so that the island is in effect receiving aid on a scale that would be inconceivable in Europe.
A respeito do artigo de Cochrane, diria que a vantagem de Porto Rico não ter bancos próprios não é só esses bancos não estarem particularmente expostos à dívida porto-riquenha, mas também não haver o perigo de, por uma qualquer zanga entre Porto Rico e o governo federal dos EUA, o FED deixar de financiar os bancos porto-riquenhos.

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