Sunday, August 01, 2010

Celine Dion e "It’s All Coming Back To Me Now"

Arrest this vile pervert now!, por John B:

I’m sure you remember Canadian freak-show queen Celine Dion, and her domination of the 1990s power ballad world. And you most likely remember her utterly ridiculous, pomp-musical-rock-tastic career pinnacle, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (...)

It’s only just occurred to me, however, that a couple of lines from this song suggest deeply disturbing things about Ms Dion’s past : "There were nights of endless pleasure It was more than any laws allow"

At the time the song came out, heterosexual anal sex had only just been legalised in the UK, so there was much ‘fnarr’-ing among the teenage boy community at this information.

On reflection, our speculations were altogether too tame. Ms Dion isn’t simply claiming that there were nights of endless pleasure that were banned by the laws of any specific jurisdiction – she’s claiming that whatever activities she engaged in were considered illegal by every single code of laws in force in the world at the time she first performed the song.

Anything that was legal in Germany at the time is ruled out, meaning that the activities referred to can’t solely concern consenting adults (unless they involved bodily injury leading to a concrete danger of death). Since bestiality was legal in the state of Washington at the time, that’s out too.

The only laws regulating sexual conduct that exist universally across all societies with codes of laws (much as they may not be applied consistently) are those prohibiting non-consensual sexual activity [**], sex with minors [**], and the consensual infliction of death or severe life-threatening injury.

So therefore, Ms Dion is admitting that the sexual ecstasy she found with her departed-and-possibly-returning partner was either rapey, paedophilic or murderous. Is this really the sort of behaviour we want celebrated in song?
No entanto, nos comentários alguém sugeriu uma ideia mais prosaica - que Celine Dion simplesmente roubasse revistas pornográficas no café da esquina.

Mas na verdade, quem se dê ao trabalho de investigar um bocadinho a história da canção poderá concluir que a referência é mesmo a necrofilia (mas será que tal é ilegal em todas as leis do mundo?).


PR said...

Necrofilia?! Como é que sabe? :S

Miguel Madeira said...

A canção é inspirada em "O Monte dos Vendavais", nomeadamente na cena em que Heathcliff tenta abrir o caixão da sua paixão Catherine.

Jim Steinman On - "It's All Coming Back To Me Now":

I was writing it while under the influence of Wuthering Heights, which is one of my favorite books.

This song is an erotic motorcycle. It's like Heathcliffe digging up Kathy's corpse and dancing with it in the cold moonlight. You can't get more extreme, operatic or passionate than that.

[Bem, admito que chamar a isso "necrofilia" é um pouco exagero, mas é o mais parecido que uma escritora do principio do seculo XIX poderia chegar]