Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A diferença entre o Iémen e a Rússia

Opinião que, aliás, vale para todas aquelas situações em que alguém argumenta "fazem protestos contra os EUA/Israel/etc., mas não fazem protestos contra o Irão/China/etc.":

I don’t mean to denigrate the legitimate grievances of the Russians who oppose Putin and his government. Yet I have to wonder what Western liberals think they can do about it: expressions of support for [anti-Putin demonstrators] are bound to have the opposite of their intended effect, much like Russian expressions of support for anti-Vietnam war protesters during the cold war era rebounded to the benefit of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon. Beyond that, what are our options? Shall we launch a regime change operation against the Kremlin, as we did in Iraq against Saddam Hussein, funding exile groups and eventually invading the country? That seems off the table to all but the crazies among us – although, let me tell you, the crazies are more numerous and powerful than one would hope.

On the other hand, there is something Americans can do to alleviate the situation in which the Yemenis find themselves. Our government is not only supporting the murderous assault on those children but is also contemplating even greater crimes on that blood-soaked soil. So where is the outrage? Where is the coverage? Where are the “liberals”?

[A Tale fo Two Protests, Justin Raimundo]

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