Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ainda sobre as execuções extra-judiciais na Venezuela

Venezuela's security forces executing civilians, por "boz":

Sometimes statistics are harder to describe than individual narratives. However, it is important to realize that as bad as security force abuses are in places like Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico, these numbers in Venezuela are far, far worse. The WSJ notes that the numbers killed in Venezuela are higher than the numbers killed in the Philippines anti-drug campaign by President Duterte.

Let me offer a few other comparisons.

While there is rightful outrage at the missing 43 students in Mexico or the over two dozen protesters killed by security forces in Honduras since the election, both of those extreme examples are just an average week in Venezuela. Even on the low end of the statistics, approximately 40 people are extra-judicially assassinated by state security forces in Venezuela each week.

The number of people executed by state security forces in Venezuela in the past three years is greater than the number of people executed and disappeared during the entire 17 year Pinochet military dictatorship.

The number of civilians killed by Venezuelan security forces in the past three years is higher than the number of civilians believed to be killed in the six years of the Colombian military’s false positives scandal.

It is important to make these comparisons so people realize that this isn’t some small issue. When the numbers of dead are finally counted and their stories told, Venezuela’s current government under Nicolas Maduro will almost certainly rank as one of the most deadly governments in the past century in Latin America.

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João Vasco said...

Que choque. Sabia que existia opressão violenta, mas essa comparação com o Pinochet foi mesmo perturbadora.
É muito importante pôr as coisas em proporção, e neste caso foi mesmo elucidativo.