Friday, May 18, 2012

Um movimento a seguir com atenção

Manifesto of the Pirate Party of Germany: English Version

Translated by: Emal Ghamsharik and Julia Reda April 10th 2012 
website: Piratenpartei Deutschland
Agreed on at the founding Meeting on September 10th 2006 in Berlin. The Chapter „Education“ was added at the federal party conference 2009 on 5.7.2009 in Hamburg. The chapters „Risking more democracy“ and „Free, democratically controlled technical infrastructure“ were were added at 16.5.2010 in Bingen, the Section „Equality of Software“ was removed there. The Resolutions of the second federal party conference 2010 on 20./21. November 2010 in Chemnitz were added as well. The Chapters „For more diversity“ (originally separated in different single petitions), „Drug Policy“, „Addiction Policy“, the Subchapter „Open Contracts with Businesses“, the extension of the Chapter „Open Access to public Content“ and the Chapter „Abolishment of compulsory membership in chambers and associations (excepting associations for lawyers, notaries and physicians)“ were agreed upon on December 3th/4th 2011 at the federal party conference in Offenbach.


[Os links para os vários pontos do manifesto não estavam a funcionar mas agora já estão]

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