Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uma terceira via na Venezuela?

Leftist Venezuelan politician Henri Falcon challenges Chavez's authority (Washington Post):

BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA - The most popular politician in this tidy city plunges into the crowds, handing out small loans to small businesses and pledging to build new homes.

He's not President Hugo Chavez, the best-known populist on the continent. His name is Henri Falcon, and as governor of the western state of Lara, he has sought to carve out space for what he calls moderate leftists seeking an alternative to Chavez.

The objective is ambitious: Win enough seats to give the party he helps lead, Fatherland for All, a viable future as a leftist movement without the demagoguery and authoritarianism that critics say characterizes Chavez's government. If the more traditional and conservative opposition also advances, Fatherland for All could become the kingmaker in a new congress.(...)

Falcon, 49, who is not running for congress but is the party's most recognizable leader, said he is banking on support from voters who dislike both Chavez and the traditional opposition.(...)

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