Wednesday, September 30, 2009

O caso Polansky (II)

Roman Polansky, por Gracchi:

Something worries me about the Roman Polanski case- and it is not his arrest, it is the reaction to it. (...)

[T]he petition: again what injustice are they petitioning about- if Mr Polanski were not guilty of the crime or if he were being prosecuted for something that should not be a crime I could understand it, but the petition is being drafted apparantly because he is Mr Polanski. He is a child rapist full stop- you either believe that child rapists should face punishment and therefore that Mr Polanski should or you do not, can we take it that anyone who signs this petition- Mr Scorsese, Mr Allen, Miss Argento and others- beleive that child rape is acceptable? (...)

The signatories to the petition would not sign the document were this not Mr Polanski- they seem to make the argument that travelling to a film festival gives one diplomatic immunity (...)

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Anonymous said...

Eu li agora a petição e acho extraordinário que se descreva o crime cometido por Polanski como um caso de "costumes" (na versão francesa) ou de "moral" (na versão inglesa). Até parece que a violação não é crime em praticamente todos os países civilizados do mundo!

Eu consideraria bem que se protestasse tendo em consideração que o crime foi cometido há 30 anos atrás. Agora, protestar por se tratar de um caso de "costumes" parece-me inadmissível.

Luís Lavoura