Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heterodoxias económicas

Can you please read a first year textbook?, por Nick Rowe:

You will recognise yourself from my description. (Or you will recognise others who fit this description).

You are probably very smart. You are probably very well-educated -- either formally, or self-educated, and probably both. You spend a lot of time on the internet reading economics blogs and commenting on those blogs. You maybe even have a blog of your own, where you write about economics topics. You are probably politically engaged. You are probably a lefty, but may be a righty, or someone who is not easily categorised on that political spectrum. You probably think of yourself as a critic of economics, or a critic of what you see as orthodox economics. You are probably sympathetic to what you see as heterodox economics.

But you have never once read a first year economics textbook. (...)

I think you really really should read a first year economics textbook. (...)

Because, at the very least, you will better understand what is and is not an idea that is seen as "heterodox" by the people you are criticising.

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João Vasco said...

Nao e' so' quem se interessa por ecnomia: pela importancia social e politica que tem, todos os cidadaos intervenientes deveriam ter nocoes basicas, e um livro introdutorio de economia teria um impacto certamente positivo.