Tuesday, July 31, 2012

O movimento "Occupy" como escola de anarquia

Occupy as Anarchy 101, por (Center for a Stateless Society):

One of Occupy Richmond’s goals has been to create a space for open, direct dialogue among citizens. That, I’d argue, is the real significance of the occupation: the unconditional demand for a deliberative body of residents unmediated by politicians’ agendas or corporate money. Only such an out-of-the-box, fully bottom-up movement can arrive at the kinds of solutions that transcend the rigid, entrenched special interests and divisive ideological identities that our system has adapted itself to serve. The marks of anarchist philosophy are clear here.

Working in a prefigurative organization that attempts to model the kind of relationships they want to see in the world, many liberals have now been exposed to the anarchist approach through the Occupy movement. They can see how frightened the institutions they sought to merely fix are at their exercise of liberty. Witnessing that fear, and seeing its results as genuine violence, makes it difficult to believe that aggregated power can be reliably used for good. Regardless of which candidate is the lesser evil, the machine they’re elected to command is too destructive to reform.

Anarchism is not about converting people to an ideology; it is simply the realization available to all that the answers to our problems lie in our thinking, the bonds with others we form, and the way we form those bonds. Organizing outside the capitalist hegemony unites all kinds of activists against the establishment, the state, and capital. The occupation not only realizes anarchist principles; it has provided the lessons on the urgency of resistance as well as hints at what is possible for us to build together. More and more liberals will realize bottom-up, do-it-yourself self-governance is what they wanted in the first place.
[convém náo nos esquecermos que, em americanês, "liberal" quer dizer "centro-esquerda"]

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João Vasco said...

Para mim e' o contrario: as dificuldades do movimento occupy (como uma serie de outras experiencias anarquistas, desde comunidades hippies ate' aos Kibbutzin) sao sao uma boa demonstracao das razoes pelas quais a anarquia, sendo uma utopia com enorme apelo estetico para mim, nao pode funcionar numa sociedade como a actual.
Parece-me um ideal a seculos (milenios?) de distancia...