Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Situação dos protestos na China

En Wukan, as autoridades municipais terão feito concessões à população da aldeia:

Summary of concessions put forward by Shanwei Party Secretary:

1. Promise not to send military police into the village

2. Promise to have the case handled by Shanwei municipal government, rather than by the township government. If villagers are still not happy with this arrangement, they can request for provincial government to send a supervisory team.

3. A decision has finally been made with regard to land use by Fengtian Livestock. The government will officially retake the land and will compensate those whose land have been acquired.

4. Villagers will not be pursued for their aggressive actions.

5. Mr Zhu from Wukan will be appointed Branch Secretary for the village's party committee.

Summary of villagers' demands that have not been met in the Party Secretary's proposal:

1. He makes no promise of returning the body of village representatve Xue Jinbo.

2. He does not mention whether the legal status of the "Temporary Board of Representatives" elected by the villagers will be rectified.

3. He only promised that most villagers will not be pursued for their actions. He fails to guarantee that no one will be pursued.
Entretanto, surgem notícias (ainda sem confirmação credível) de um protesto em Haimen (a 150 Kms de Wukan), contra a construção de uma central eléctrica - parece que o problema é que Heimen é uma terra de pescadores e a poluição da central eléctrica vai afectar o peixe e o camarão.

Adenda:há confirmação credível

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