Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Revolution: Bank Run 2010: Starve the Beast

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Since Karen Tostado began her civil disobedience (via withdrawal of custom) campaign, people have begun to realise that we are in this global mess because of bankers and politicos, that our voices don't count, and that the best way to rid the world of their unholy, undemocratic system is to Starve the Beast, thus:

- stop buying from corporations;
- remove your funds from global financial institutions;
- pay cash, wherever possible;
- stop using credit cards and pay down debt;

The new Bank Run 2010 campaign, inspired by Eric Cantona, has just shot this important cause into the mainstream, where it should spread quickly.

Here it is:

PS: Murray N Rothbard deve estar a rir-se, afinal a revolução ainda acontece na Europa.

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