Monday, February 07, 2011

A ciencia económica e as cooperativas

The disappearance of cooperatives from economics textbooks, por Panu Kalmi (artigo completo aqui):

Discussion of cooperatives abounded in early twentieth century economics textbooks, but is virtually absent from their modern counterparts. In this paper, I assemble a dataset of economics textbooks used at the University of Helsinki during 1905–2005 and examine how the treatment of cooperatives has changed, and what factors have led to a neglect of cooperatives in textbooks. The quality and quantity of the discussion on cooperatives is noted to be much greater in books published before World War II than in post-World War II books. I argue that the main reason for the decline is the paradigm shift from institutional to neoclassical analysis, which led to a neglect of the potential of cooperatives in addressing social problems.
[Para uma tentativa de defesa das cooperativas a partir de pressupostos (essencialmente) neoclássicos, este post meu de 2009]

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