Monday, May 02, 2011

O melhor comentário que vi ate agora sobre a questão "onde nasceu Obama"

Neste comentário de um leitor da National Review:

What I just don't understand, is that anyone who believed this tale had to beleive that in 1961 a woman who was 8-9 months pregnent would fly from HNL to Nirobi to deliver a baby.

First, this was very very expensive (it would have cost somthing like $10K or more in today's money) and would involve a flight to the mainland, then on to New York, then to London, then to Nirobi. The trip would be hard, and would take at least a week. Multiple flights on multiple airlines would have been required.

Second, does any person seriously think that a student could have afforded this?

Third, does any person seriously believe that any mother to be would have subjected themselves to such a trip... for what? And then hide the trip so their kid could become president?

Fourth, does anyone seriously belive that the airlines would even let her on the plane?

Putting aside the arguements about documents ( note: the republican governor of HI vouched for the accuracy of the original document released in 2007) the entire premise is truly odd.

That anyone would for even a single moment believe is hard to fathom.

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