Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Erros de identificação

Namers need a little shaming of their own (Blood & Treasure):

On the front page of today’s MEN I see this:

A teenager who spent nine days in prison after being charged with setting fire to Miss Selfridge during the Manchester riots has been dramatically cleared.

Dane Williamson has spoken of his ‘hell’ after spending nine days behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

Dane, 18, was arrested just hours after the Manchester riots and accused of setting fire to the Miss Selfridge store on Market Street. Despite denying being involved in the attack, which caused almost £500,000 worth of damage, he was later charged with criminal damage and recklessly endangering life and remanded in custody in Forest Bank prison.
From August 12 editorial, same newspaper:

For law-abiding citizens, there is now a right to put a face and a name to all those people – most hooded or masked – who terrorised us. By seeing them held to account, we all feel safer.

As for the rioters and looters themselves, our obligation is to make them feel society’s disapproval in a way they plainly did not at the time they joined the rampage. That means not just a punishment from a magistrate but naming and shaming by their local newspaper, the knowledge that everyone who knows them will read of their crimes.
Well Dane Williamson felt society’s disapproval before he was actually convicted of anything but after the MEN published his name and address. Someone burned his flat down while he was in jail.

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