Friday, July 19, 2013

A direita é maléfica?

Evil Tories?, por Chris Dillow:

Sunny Hundal has caused a stir by calling right-wingers "evil." For me, this raises a distinction between the Marxist and non-Marxist left: whereas the non-Marxist left often claim a moral superiority over the right - see Comment is Free, passim, if you can bear to - Marxists do not.

For us, the problem isn't that Tories are bad, or liars or stupid. Sure, some are - but a glance at Simon Danczuk, Liam Byrne or Siobhan McDonagh will remind us that Tories hardly have a monopoly here. Instead, for Marxists, immorality is an attribute not so much of individual agents but of the capitalist system itself. (...)

You might object here that Tories are "evil" in that austerity is doing real damage. True. But this omits two points. First, they are not pursuing austerity because they want to hurt people, but because they believe it will do good; this is an intellectual error, not a moral failing.

Secondly, austerity is not the only - or even main - cause of our woes. Capitalism was ailing well before Osborne became Chancellor. In this sense, talk of "evil" Tories does capitalism a favour, by deflecting attention away from its systemic shortcomings.

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João Vasco said...

Embora o raciocínio faça muito sentido, creio que não descreve - de todo - a realidade em Portugal.

Cá parece-me muito mais comum ser a esquerda marxista a colocar as divergências em termos morais (aliás, a direita farta-se de criticar o "moralismo" ou "pretensa superioridade moral" da esquerda marxista), e a esquerda moderada a colocar as divergências em termos de "erro intelectual" (a chamar à direita "estúpida" ou aos seus políticos "incompetentes", etc).

Exactamente o contrário daquilo que é descrito no texto, portanto.