Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Como a lei protege o capital

The Code of Capital by Katharina Pistor, por David Murphy (Open Letters Review):

So much discussion around wealth and inequality involves gawking at statistics people don’t understand. Katharina Pistor offers a fascinating argument as to why inequality is increasing, and does so “without having to construct class identities, as Marxists feel compelled to do, or to make heroic assumptions about the rationality of human beings, as rational choice theorists would have it.”  She does not dispute these paradigms (although it isn’t hard to discern where her sympathies lie when you notice her presentation of the concept of capital is informed by people with last names like Polanyi, Harvey, Hobsbawn, Veblen and Stiglitz), rather she argues that “they ignore the central role of law in the making of capital and its protection as private wealth. . . the key to understanding the basis of power and the resulting distribution of wealth lies instead in the process of bestowing legal protection on select assets and to do so as a matter of private, not public, choice.”

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