Friday, November 01, 2019

A "classe operária branca" é na verdade muita "pequena-burguesia branca" - de novo

Parece que no Reino Unido, o UKIP também é largamente um partido dos trabalhadores por conta própria.

Working class votes and Conservative losses: solving the UKIP puzzle, por Geoffrey Evans e Jonathan Mellon, no blog da LSE:

However, there is a further point also not previously noted. Not only is UKIP attracting, primarily, disaffected former Labour voters from the Conservatives and elsewhere, but the working class basis of UKIP has been markedly over-stated. Working class voters are a little more likely to support UKIP than other classes, but there is stronger support among the self-employed and business owners, who were Mrs Thatcher’s hard-core supporters, not Labour’s.Even within the working class, the strongest UKIPers are the lower supervisory category, who are not the disadvantaged semi- and unskilled workers that have been thought to provide the core of UKIP support.
O post é um resumo de um paper, que imagino seja mais aprofundado - Working Class Votes and Conservative Losses: Solving the UKIP Puzzle, por Geoffrey Evans e Jonathan Mellon, Parliamentary Affairs, Volume 69, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 464–479

A este respeito, ver também  A "classe operária branca" é na verdade muita "pequena-burguesia branca" e Ainda a "classe operária".

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