Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Michael Gove e a "radicalização"

De acordo com a estratégia anti-terrorista implementada, entre outros, pelo atual ministro das justiça britânico (penso que quando era ministro da educação), Michael Gove, alguém que compre ou vá ler à internet alguns livros que Gove tem na estante corre o risco de ficar sobre vigilância por suspeitas de "radicalização".

What's on Michael Gove's bookshelf? (And why it matters), no Libcom:

There is also a double-standard at play here. Gove, in line with his alarmist Islamophobic views, has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Prevent strategy. Prevent is a counter-terrorism measure which has primary and secondary schools, colleges, and workplaces monitor their staff and students for signs of extremism, and report them to the authorities if they’re ‘at risk’ of being radicalised. You don’t have to be an ISIS-sympathiser to be referred to Prevent, you just have to look like one to an Islamophobic teacher. Prevent has increasingly targeted left wing and far-right activists in recent years too, although Muslims are still more likely to be referred than non-Muslims.

An anti-fascist researcher says: “Gove clearly thinks he should be exempt from the shitty draconian rules he’s helped concoct. I’m very aware that the work I do researching fascists could lead to police raids and court appearances because I have to read the kind of source material Gove is clearly happy to buy".

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