Monday, August 24, 2020


Este artigo combina coisas que me parecem um bocado disparatadas (como é costume na Spiked) com algumas interessantes; e nomeadamente tem o mérito de reconhecer que a maneira com que a direita (sobretudo) norte-americana usa a palavra "elite" (para se referir à classe média/média-alta de esquerda) é incorreta:

Collins: You refer to the post-Protestants who promote these ideas as the ‘Elect’. From a sociological perspective, why do you prefer to use the term ‘Elect’ rather than say the ‘elite’ or another designation?

Bottum: Ross Douthat, in a column in the New York Times, said that one of the things we need to take from An Anxious Age is the distinction between the elite and the Elect. I chose the term Elect because those people who are part of it are not elite in the sense of having a hundred billion dollars. They are not the elite in the sense of being political figures with lengthy careers, like Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden for that matter. They are not elite in the sense they control things in terms of ownership. So we need another term for them. They certainly have elite educations, but that elite education is not translated into the enormous wealth and power that the true elite has.

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