Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Dissident physics"

Access to Energy

Stephan Kinsella (LvMIBlog): I just discovered that the old issues of Access to Energy, the wonderful pro-nuclear, pro-science, pro-technology, pro-free enterprise newsletter formerly published by the late, great Dr. Petr Beckmann are online. Beckmann was a brilliant electrical engineering professor and libertarian who died of cancer in 1993 (see his poignant, "Goodbye, Dear Readers").

After his death, AtE was taken over by Dr. Art Robinson, who also, I believe, is a proponent of home-schooling. Beckmann wrote the intriguing book Einstein Plus Two (Amazon), and founded, with physicist Howard Hayden, the dissident physics journal Galilean Electrodynamicshere; further dissident physics links). Hayden later began to publish his own pro-energy newsletter, The Energy Advocate. (brochures and further Beckmann info

One of Beckmann's most important works--and one sorely in need of revision and republication today, in view of the continued strangling of nuclear power and the irrational push for "soft" energy--is his The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear (Amazon). See also his pamphlets The Non-Problem of Nuclear Waste and Why "Soft" Technology Will Not Be America's Energy Salvation.

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