Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A economia e o ambiente

Anti-green economics, por Paul Krugman:

a strange thing about the climate change debate. Opponents of a policy change generally believe that market economies are wonderful things, able to adapt to just about anything — anything, that is, except a government policy that puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions. Limits on the world supply of oil, land, water — no problem. Limits on the amount of CO2 we can emit — total disaster.

Funny how that is.


Diogo said...

More funny things:

And now, for something completely different:

Barack Obama repudiou o cristianismo e está a converter-se ao Islão.

Jon Stewart, do Daily Show, explica-nos, com humor, como os Media nos EUA dão a entender que Barack Obama é um muçulmano encapotado.

VÍDEO legendado em português

L. Rodrigues said...

Ah.. tinha acabado de botar a mesma citação no meu sítio. :)