Friday, April 17, 2009

A esquerda e a redução do Estado

Chris Dillow argumenta que a esquerda devia defender a redução do Estado (note-se que os seus argumentos são para o contexto britânico):
1. Big government cannot be redistributive government. If the state is raising 40% of GDP in taxes, it must tax the worst off, simply because the rich, even in the UK and US, aren’t that rich or plentiful (...)

2. A big state hurts the worst off. Right-wing nut jobs might pose as victims of “ZaNuLabour.” But whether we look at Purnell’s welfare plans, repressive anti-immigration laws or the policing of protests, it is ordinary people who are the real victims of an overly powerful state: newspaper sellers, poor foreigners, the unemployed and ill. The left should be on their side.

3. When the state has lots of power, there’ll be a big fight to control it. And it’s the rich and powerful that win such fights. Why do you think banks get big bail-outs whilst ordinary workers are flung onto the dole with little compensation?

4. Belief in big government rests upon the notion that there’s an elite of leaders which has the wisdom and know-how to manage our affairs from the top-down; (...) But it is an utterly anti-egalitarian notion. It is also utterly wrong.
[Como já disse várias vezes, eu re-postar um artigo não significa necessariamente concordância]

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