Sunday, March 27, 2016

Porque é que os EUA estão sempre a matar o nº 2 do Estado Islâmico?

Why does the United States keep killing #2 in ISIS?, por Tyler Cowen:

As Zack mentions, there may be reasons why the #1 is harder to find and kill, but I would suggest a complementary hypothesis. At many points in time there is more than one #2, just as corporations may have a variety of Executive Vice Presidents.

If you a leader of a terror group, do you really want a well-defined #2 who is a focal alternative and who can move to overthrow you? Or do you prefer seven competing #2s, with somewhat unclear status, whom you can play off against each other, or make compete against each other, and offer various sticks and carrots and promotions of influence against each other?

And let’s say that one of these #2’s is killed. How will the United States report this? “One of seven #2’s has been killed”? Or perhaps the easier to communicate and more important sounding “We have taken out number two.”

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Eduardo Freitas said...

Sempre que dá jeito.
Havia que "contrabalançar" a recaptura de Palmira por Assad.