Friday, May 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton e os extra-terrestres

Hillary and the Extraterrestrials, por Jesse Walker:

Every now and then an interviewer will ask her about sky saucers, and she'll reply with an apparently earnest pledge to open the government's files on the subject, sometimes adding that we can't say for sure whether we're alone in the universe. Now The New York Times has put together a detailed story on her interest in extraterrestrials (...)

It's easy to mock this, but I've decided it's actually one of the few things I like about Hillary Clinton. I've got three reasons:

1. At least she wants to be transparent about something. I'd rather she pardon Snowden, end the Leak Scare, stop the war on whistleblowers, and battle Washington's overclassification epidemic. But a smidge is better than nada.

2. Almost every aspect of Clinton's public persona feels like it was designed by a committee of PR professionals after they spent a year asking focus groups what they'd like to see in a firm-but-caring suburban grandmother. Her interest in something vaguely weird and disreputable is one of the few signs she's not a pod person.

3. If she is a pod person, this is our chance to find out.

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