Monday, June 25, 2007

"The Furor in China is Everywhere"

Parece que há um grande descontentamento na China a propósito de uma caso de crianças raptadas para trabalhar em fábricas de tijolos (ou coisa assim). No Economist's View:

An email I received today:

Dear Prof. Thoma..., I have been deeply disturbed and distressed about the recent news from China. Although NYT has some reports on it:

For other western media coverage, see:

But for the English version of an interview with the reporter who helped to make the case public, see:

But the furor in China is everywhere. Ordinary people are deeply shocked and disillusioned at the government's inaction and indifference to basic human rights!!! I am so sad to see my own country come to this day, I cry every time I think of the poor kids and their parents, who have nowhere to seek justice. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the internet people are saying that such horrific abduction of people is everywhere. It is not a labor dispute. It is a reflection of a very sick society that would pursue wealth at all cost. I can't believe this is my country!

I am going to China soon and I will have chance to see more of people's reaction to it. The world can't stay silent on THIS! I'd like to hear your and your reader's opinion on it. My own impression of the central government is that they are not sincere in truly solving it. At least the governor of the ShanXi province has to be fired! The PM has to apologize to all the victims.

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