Sunday, July 01, 2007

O paradoxo do conservadorismo religioso

Um texto de Roderick Long:

Religious conservatives also take biology-worship to grotesque extremes. They often regard gender roles as fixed by sociobiology, thus denying free will and treating hormones as having greater normative weight than reason. They debase the concept of marriage by subordinating its spiritual meaning to a merely biological function. In opposing abortion, they appeal to a definition of personhood in terms of material, biological characteristics rather than in terms of the nature of rational agents; that’s how a clot of protoplasm gets elevated to the status of a legal person by the mere possession of human DNA. (And then they propose to enslave women to the incubation of such protoplasm.)

One would think they had never heard of the idea that human beings possess a spiritual dimension which transcends their merely animal functions. Yet this is precisely the idea for which they have always claimed to stand.

[As ideias politicas de Long têm, face às minhas, uma diferença, não digo de 180º, mas pelo menos de 90º; assim, só copiei a metade do post que achei fazer sentido]

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