Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Carlo Stagnaro entrevista "the well-known Catholic author Vittorio Messori, who is as keen an observer of reality as he is disenchanted by it. Messori is motivated by a deep Christian realism, which emanates from virtually every line of his last book, Gli occhi di Maria (Mary’s Eyes), written in co-operation with Rino Cammilleri and published in Italy by Rizzoli. He also authored Jesus Hypotheses and the famous Crossing the Threshold of Hope, with Pope John Paul II."

In this scenario, where do you see the globalization process?

Since I do not believe in utopia, or in a universal "let’s all just love each other," I believe it is necessary to respect history’s rhythms and scope. Today, history moves towards economic globalization. We must avoid confusing globalization with pacifist ecumenicism. Economic unification does not mean the elimination of conflicts, nor does it mean that different populations will be ready to shake hands and ask each other forgiveness for their errors. As a well-known Italian aphorist, Ennio Flaiano, said, "If peoples knew each other better, they would hate each other more."

Carl Schmitt said the state is born from the secularization of theological concepts, and therefore it is a competing entity, an enemy of religions. What do you think about that?

I agree. See, I understand many of the reasons of the modern anarchists, and I recognize myself in many of the positions of the FORCES organization and the libertarian magazine Enclave. But, I repeat, I believe in original sin, thus I do not underestimate Hobbes’ warning: homo homini lupus (that is, man is the wolf of men). I respect law enforcement officers, because I know I need them; however, do not ask me to love them! I think that the monster state is the Beast of the Apocalypse. In a perspective of faith, the state emerging from the end of the ancien régime horrifies me. In this key, my nightmare is One World Government.

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