Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Conan, o liberal de esquerda?

Conan, the Liberal, por Ben Dobson, no Overthinking It:
I felt that it would be worthwhile to look at an oft-ignored aspect of the older Conan movies. Not only are the movies Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer politically charged, they’re also, despite being directed by John Milius, much more progressive than most movies released around that time. Specifically, I’d like to point out this series’ feminist, anti-racist and anti-theistic themes.


The primary goal of feminists is equality between the sexes, and from what we can tell in the Conan movies, there are several cultures that have embraced this principle. (...)


It cannot, however, be said that Robert E Howard’s original stories were devoid of racism. However, in the films, equality of the races was as little a question as equality of the sexes was.

Conan was trained in combat by Asians, and educated in the philosophy of various other cultures. He had friends of multiple ethnicities (...)


Even more groundbreaking is Conan’s take on organized religion. Leftist politics have been associated with atheism since Jean Meslier, a French proto-communist, wished that the nobility would be strangled with the entrails of the priests (a quote which Diderot borrowed). Conan is as much of an atheist as one can be in a time when gods walk the earth, and the script goes out of its way to make theistic religion look foolish.
Confesso que tive uma certa dificuldade em arranjar um título para o post - "o liberal" não fazia sentido na Europa; mas "o esquerdista" (ou "o socialista") também não, porque os tópicos em questão (essencialmente "social issues") não têm muito a ver com os temas típicos do debate esquerda/direita na Europa.


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