Tuesday, March 20, 2012

E ainda não pararam

De vez em quando gosto de relembrar esta história (e outras) contadas por Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn:

"Wilson was a genuine ideologue in the narrow sense of the term; his plan, unfortunately, was not to make democracy safe for the world, but rather to make the world safe for democracy. He was working towards a Djihad, a holy war to extend what he considered the American form of government. This was already evident in his dealings with Mexico before America's entry into World War I.

About America'sneighbor south of the Rio Grande he said, "Our friendship is a disinterested friendship, so far as our aggrandizement goes ... leaving them to work out their own destiny, but watching them narrowly and insisting that they shall take help when help is needed. "23

What sort of help he thought about we can gather from a conversation between Walter Hines Page, his ambassador, and Sir Edward Grey, Britain's Foreign Secretary. Page recorded it himself:

GREY: Suppose you have to intervene, what then?
PAGE: Make'em vote and live by their decisions.
GREY: But suppose they will not so live?
PAGE: We'll go in again and make 'em vote again.
GREY: And keep this up for 200 years?
PAGE: Yes. The United States will be here for 200 years and it
can continue to shoot men for that little space till they learn
to vote and rule themselves. 24"

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