Wednesday, February 01, 2017

O elenco do filme

Um comentário de um leitor ao post de Scott Sumner que citei ali atrás:

Interesting movie.

So, Trump plays Hitler, a true revolutionary out to destroy the old world order and to make his country great again.

Bannon stars as Goebbels, chief propagandist, defender of the master race while clearly not the best looking specimen himself.

Miller … probably Roehm then.

Mattis … stand-in for the Wehrmacht Generals. Competent officers all, dutifully advancing towards Stalingrad.

Tillerson … von Ribbentrop, engineering a pact with Russia to divide up the whole of Europe this time

Wonder who’ll play the role of Carl Schmitt to gut the rule of law.

The whole UK plays Italy… a solid, if a little incompetent ally with quite different values, but sadly caught up in the spirit of the times. They try to control their big wild ally but eventually get engulfed in the bonfire too.

Big question: who plays the US? The economic and military giant lurking far, far away, and whose massive, worldwide power our revolutionaries are underestimating? Can China handle the role? It doesn’t look like it… yet. But it’s ramping up fast… Stay tuned.

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