Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ainda as detenções de crianças imigrantes nos EUA

Uma série de tweets por "Boz":

Every parent in the US needs to understand that ICE can detain your child, label them an "unaccompanied minor," and throw them in a cage. Nothing is stopping that from happening today.

Can your two year old explain where he’s from? Is your eight year old carrying documents proving she’s a US citizen or here legally? No. They’re undocumented and can be detained by ICE, even right in front of you.

Most white Americans don’t think it will happen to their kids. They think it will only happen to people crossing the border illegally. But that’s not true. It’s a statistical near certainty that some of those children in detention are legally in the US and have been misidentified

Don't tell me it can't happen. ICE has detained over 1,000 US citizens and people legally in the US in recent years (and that's just the cases we know of). They are given few chances to prove they are actually citizens. It's harder if they're children. [ICE held an American man in custody for 1,273 days. He’s not the only one who had to prove his citizenship]

Não sei até que ponto as mudanças anunciadas por Trump (no sentido de pais e filhos serem presos em conjunto) alterará este ponto, mas não me admirava que não.

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