Friday, July 12, 2019

Gestão democrática dos serviços públicos

We must trust the public to run their own utilities, por Gareth Thomas (deputado do Partido Trabalhista britânico):

‘We Own It’ published an interesting proposal earlier this week for the future democratic public ownership of the water industry. I share their critique of the current ownership of the industry, which is failing to invest at the speed necessary to tackle leakage. Customers currently have little power and there are few signs that the industry has grasped the scale of the climate crisis. Water bills have rocketed since privatisation, while there have been huge dividend payments to the often remote and unaccountable owners.

But I support a different method for securing genuine democratic public ownership. I want employees, John Lewi-style or consumers co-op style, to directly own the water business in their area. I don’t see why consumers should only be regularly consulted and stay once or twice removed from control of water firms.
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