Monday, July 15, 2019

Quem tem poder para suspender a democracia parlamentar no Reino Unido? O primeiro-ministro ou a rainha?

The Queen Is the Reason Boris Johnson Would Struggle to Suspend Parliament, por Robert Hutton and Kitty Donaldson (Bloomberg):

Boris Johnson is threatening to suspend Britain’s Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit if he becomes prime minister -- and some politicians are planning to fight him in court.

But he would face a bigger problem: Queen Elizabeth II could stop him first. (...)

The power to prorogue -- as it is formally called -- lies not with the prime minister but with the monarch. As with her other powers, it is usually deployed at the request of the prime minister. That’s why some academics, such as Vernon Bogdanor of King’s College London, think the Queen “would follow the advice of her prime minister.”

But others disagree.

“The question constitutional experts are all debating is whether the Palace could say ‘No,’” said Catherine Haddon of the Institute for Government. “It’s all something of a gray area in our system.”

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