Friday, July 31, 2020

Os conservadores dos EUA a tornarem-se revolucionários?

When conservatives become revolutionaries, por Damon Linker (The Week):

The conservative intelligentsia keeps returning to authoritarianism. (...)

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that the right in our time is evolving in the direction of rejecting the regular transfer of power between two legitimate political parties within a liberal frame. In its place, the reactionary conservatives oscillate wildly between support for revolution when its opponents win elections and endorsement of authoritarianism when it manages to gain power.
E, relacionado com isto, um artigo de há uns meses sobre um dos ideólogos nessa nova direita nos EUA, Adrian VermeuleNudging Towards Theocracy: Adrian Vermeule’s War on Liberalism, por James Chapelle (Dissent Magazine):
One of the most serious and dangerous critics of liberalism today is a Harvard Law professor and recent Catholic convert named Adrian Vermeule. Less ambitious conservatives hope to reinvigorate Christian virtue with the tools of persuasion and localism. This has been the position of Patrick Deneen and Rod Dreher, for instance. Vermeule recognizes, rightly, that this is unlikely to work. He styles himself as a defender of “integralism”—the idea, essentially, that the state be subordinated to the Catholic Church, and that the state use its awesome power to create and defend the particular moral community that the Church imagines. The exact contours of this state are hard to discern, especially as many of his recommendations are made with a Trumpian smirk (albeit masquerading as a Swiftian one). It would certainly ban abortion and pornography, and it would likely mandate Catholic education in schools. It is hard to see what place would be made for homosexuals or religious minorities in such a state. What he has said does not bode well for religious tolerance: he has argued that atheists should not be allowed to hold office, and that Catholic immigrants be given priority over Muslims, Protestants, and Jews.

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