Saturday, May 20, 2006

Marriage Ban Closes the Gates to Palestinians

Artigo na CounterPunch, "Marriage Ban Closes the Gates to Palestinians":

"In approving an effective ban on marriages between Israelis and Palestinians this week, Israel's Supreme Court has shut tighter the gates of the Jewish fortress the state of Israel is rapidly becoming"


"By a wafer-thin majority, the highest court in the land ruled that an amendment passed in 2003 to the Nationality Law barring Palestinians from living with an Israeli spouse inside Israel -- what in legal parlance is termed "family unification" -- did not violate rights enshrined in the country's Basic Laws."


"Applications for family unification in Israel invariably come from Palestinians in the occupied territories who marry other Palestinians, often friends or relatives, with Israeli citizenship. One in five of Israel's population is Palestinian by descent, a group, commonly referred to as Israeli Arabs, who managed to remain inside the Jewish state during the war of 1948 that established Israel."


"Mixed Israeli and Palestinian couples are not only unable to live together inside Israel but they are also denied a married life in the occupied territories, from which Israeli citizens are banned under military regulations."

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Anonymous said...

claro que isto só ajuda a piorar o clima entre os dois povos, mas isto não me aflige muito, visto que, as leis parvas acabam por ter uma brecha.

vá lá que ainda não proibiram as doações de orgã não não sabia o que seria da criança israelita que recebeu os orgãos de uma criança palestiniana.