Thursday, April 12, 2012

Impor um produto contra os utilizadores-clientes

Ou o problema da criação de um serviço ou produto auscultando os clientes sobre o que eles pensam que precisam ou o que pensam que vão ou não gostar.

Via Facebook's Seventh Employee Shares Lessons:

" Mark was very clear that this was not about college, and expanded Facebook to high school. Many people said that was a terrible idea and that no college student would want to keep using the site if there were high school kids there. Then he expanded Facebook to adults.

As the business person I would have said, “Hey we own a very lucrative audience let’s just focus on monetizing that audience,” but Mark was focused on changing the world. I think it’s something that took other people a lot longer to see.

I learned another lesson when we launched the News Feed. It was done at midnight in Pacific Time. People had gone to bed with the old Facebook and woke up with the new Facebook and we were all under the impression that it was a great product. But users freaked out. It was the first time that users realized this thing was going to keep changing and Mark was going to keep pushing the envelope.

Now, you can’t imagine Facebook without a news feed and it’s an industry standard thing. But for a while, there were protests and a million people joining the “I hate News Feed” group and every news crew outside of our offices. If you were a public company or not a product visionary you probably would have rolled back that feature when a third of your user base start protesting. [Editor: Zuckerberg did not.]"

All of those rules were turned upside its head and it’s the reason why Facebook has become so successful."

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