Thursday, December 26, 2019

Como os indios Creek da América do Norte foram obrigados a ter um governo

 The Creek Nation and the Culture of Consent, por Amy Sturgis (Reason):

Under threat from the United States, Creek people replaced consent with coercion. Then they lost everything.

In the decades after the United States achieved independence, its representatives compelled the Creek people of present-day Georgia, Alabama, and Florida to reorder their social system into a coercive state. This, officials said, would make the Creeks "good neighbors" to U.S. citizens, and especially to the country's problem child, the unruly state of Georgia. The U.S. then proved to be a poor neighbor itself, systematically humiliating and undermining the very Creek government it had demanded, effectively pushing the Native Americans into civil war, and ultimately abandoning all pretense of respecting the sovereignty of—or its treaties with—the Creek Nation.

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