Thursday, December 19, 2019

O "Trumpgate" como um filme cómico de espionagem

Laughing Through the Trump Era, por Ross Douthat, comparando toda a investigação à volta de Trump ao filme Destruir depois de Ler.

É raro eu concordar com alguma coisa que o Ross Douthat escreva, mas achei bastante interessantes algumas passagens, como:

Trump has indeed hurt vulnerable people, but between the leaven of incompetence in his cruelty, his rejection of some of the disastrous ambitions of his predecessors and a certain amount of fool’s luck, his administration is arguably responsible for fewer human tragedies so far than more high-minded, less personally degraded presidencies. (...)

The second answer, meanwhile, is a mild suggestion that a little more laughter might actually be good for the anti-Trump Resistance. In particular, anti-Trumpists might be a touch more effective if they could recognize how humorlessness and constant self-important dudgeon frequently helps the Trumpian cause, by setting up the dynamic I just sketched in my movie pitch — where the country is asked to choose between two kinds of folly, one squalid and corrupt but the other pompous, insufferable and paranoid in its own self-important way.

The latter sort folly is at its worst, not on the far left, but on the establishment center-left and the Never-Trumper center-right.

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