Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WWI - História - Pormenores

Sobre o papel de Woodrow Wilson em forçar a abdicação do Kaiser (com os resultado que conhecemos na futura república), e enquadrado este meu interesse no argumento que Wilson forçou ou contribuiu também para abdicação da monarquia Austríaca (abrindo caminho lógico para uma grande Alemanha), e pelo caminho contribuiu para a queda da Czar (insistência em permanecer da Guerra, coisa que fez depois com Kerensky)... e com os resultados conhecidos.

Wikipedia - Wilhelm II, German Emperor

"October 1918 telegrams

The third German telegram was sent on 20 October. Wilson's reply on 23 October contained the following:

If the Government of the United States must deal with the military masters and the monarchical autocrats of Germany now, or if it is likely to have to deal with them later in regard to the international obligations of the German Empire, it must demand not peace negotiations but surrender. Nothing can be gained by leaving this essential thing unsaid.

—[Emil Ludwig, Wilhelm Hohenzollern (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1927), p. 489]
According to Czernin [p. 9]:

... Prince Hohenlohe, serving as councilor in the German Legation in Berne, Switzerland, cabled the German Foreign Office that 'a confidential informant has informed me that the conclusion of the Wilson note of 23 October refers to nothing less than the abdication of the Kaiser as the only way to a peace which is more or less tolerable."

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