Tuesday, November 03, 2015

As revoluções são violentas?

A Paradise Built in Hell, por Robert Kirchner (Center for a Stateless Society):

Solnit’s discussion of the similarity between disaster responses and political revolutions includes a striking insight. We are used to thinking of revolutions as often violent events; indeed, it is a staple of classic conservatism, from Burke onwards, that revolutions inevitably lead to bloodbaths. In fact, revolutions proper, i.e. the sudden overthrow of existing state power, are typically relatively bloodless (e.g. the storming of the Bastille, the establishment of the Paris Commune, the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas). It the reconquest of such a society by those who want to establish a new state, or a return of the old state, that results in bloodbaths.
[O artigo é sobretudo sobre desastres naturais - esta referência às revoluções até aparece numa nota de rodapé]

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