Tuesday, March 14, 2006

O "unschooling"

Um artigo sobre o "unschooling", uma derivação do movimento norte-americano do homeschooling:

Unschooling’ lets children pursue their own interests

"The Browns are part of an approach to education that is called "unschooling" and allows children to pursue what interests them, rather than trying to make them interested in things that interest others."

"The concept holds that learning is best done when a child's interests are engaged, and for a family with the talents and the resources to allow this to happen, great success is possible."


"As young children they were curious, imaginative and full of spunk. Learning was natural and fun," she said. "After being in school for a few years I saw their natural curiosity, imagination and love for learning being crushed by rules and conditioning. Learning became a task."

Já agora, uma nota curiosa sobre o homescholing: embora (nos EUA) haja tendência para o considerar como um movimento "conservador" (e até "fundamentalista"), teve bastante influência de sectores "progressistas" na sua origem e dinamização (por exemplo, na série televisiva "Dharma e Greg", a Dharma - a "radical" filha de hippies - é uma homeschooled)

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