Friday, June 06, 2008

Parece-me que cai bem dentro de Nuremberga

Não sou favorável a julgamentos e tribunais internacionais, mas já o impeachement só me pareceria injusto na medida em que muitos co-responsáveis ficariam de fora. Quanto a todos que foram na onda, talvez percebam agora como foi possível muitas pessoas bem intencionadas terem entrado em outras ondas.

Senate report slams Bush over prewar intelligence

The report comes days after former White House press spokesman Scott McClellan published a book saying Bush decided on war with Iraq soon after the September 11, 2001, attacks.
"Bush and his advisers knew that the American people would almost certainly not support a war launched primarily for the ambitious purpose of transforming the Middle East. Rather than open this Pandora's Box, the administration chose a different path -- not employing out-and-out deception, but shading the truth," McClellan wrote in his memoir, "What Happened."(...)

"Unfortunately, our committee has concluded that the administration made significant claims that were not supported by the intelligence. In making the case for war, the administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted or even nonexistent. As a result, the American people were led to believe that the threat from Iraq was much greater than actually existed," he added.

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