Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Re: Liberais e aquecimento global

"Cap and Trade

De Making Economic Sense por Murray Rothbard, "Population "Control"":
A grotesque example of a "free-market . . . expert" on efficiency slightly moderating totalitarianism was the proposal of the anti-population fanatic and distinguished economist, the late Kenneth E. Boulding. Boulding proposed the typical "reform" of an economist.

Instead of forcing every woman to be sterilized after having two babies, the government would issue to each woman (at birth? at puberty?) two baby-rights. She could have two babies, relinquishing a ticket after each birth, or, if she wanted to have three or more kids, she could buy the baby-rights on a "free" market from a woman who only wanted to have one, or none.

Pretty neat, eh? Well, if we start from the original ZPG [Zero Population Growth, 1970's] plan, and we introduced the Boulding plan, wouldn't everyone be better off, and the requirements of "Pareto superiority" therefore obtain?" (via Arte da Fuga)

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