Thursday, October 04, 2012

Os "bons trabalhadores" não correm o risco de ser despedidos?

"Nothing to Fear", por Chris Dillow:

Here's the latest Tory idiocy. Dominic Raab says the "talented and hard-working have nothing to fear" from a scrapping of "excessive protections" for workers. (...)

Is Raab right that the best workers have nothing to fear?

No.It's easy to think of many ways in which talented and hard-working people might reasonably fear the sack. A middle-manager ordered to cut costs might prefer to sack better-paid workers. A soft-hearted one might prefer to sack the talented in the belief that they can more easily find work elsewhere. Or he might simply not be able to recognize talent, if it's outside his field; engineers can be bad at spotting financial ability, and vice versa. Or he might simply regard a good worker as a threat to his own position - possibly reasonably so, given that talented people have market power and so are hard to make profits from.

We know from the US - one of the few countries in the world with less job protection than the UK - that bosses can be petty tyrants who sack workers on flimsy pretexts.

Now, you might reply that if Raab is taking too optimistic a view of managers' decency and ability, I'm taking too pessimistic a one. But the point of laws is to protect us from the minority of wrong-doers. The vast majority of people are not thieves or murders - but this fact doesn't negate the need for laws against theft and murder.

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