Tuesday, September 01, 2020

O "chavismo" como crony capitalismo?

Chavismo as Savage Capitalism (Caracas Chronicle):

Chavismo is a money-making machine that feeds on the disgrace of Venezuelan people. The most recent evidence is the price increase of fuel through a two-pronged system that has a subsidized scheme on one side and a litre-for-half-a-dollar scheme at the other. The regime that always prided itself on an alleged oil “nationalization”which really took place in 1976 by Carlos Andrés Péreznow privatizes fuel sales in a murky way—what it’s really doing is handing benefits to a group of privileged people who can buy low and then sell at a higher price, in the not-so-revolucionario American dollar.

But fuel privatization won’t be the last initiative of savage capitalism by the Bolivarian socialism. Other upcoming privatizations have shown their heads on the horizon, individually chosen to favor the corrupt and their front friends. Carabobo’s flamboyant state governor, Rafael Lacava, said in November 2019 that “it’s necessary to privatize the electric power service” at rates that represent “what electricity is worth” (meaning: rates that are profitable).

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