Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paul Krugman sobre a "housing bubble"

Acerca disto, Krugman responde:

"One of the funny aspects of being a somewhat, um, forceful writer is that I’m regularly accused of all sorts of villainy. I was personally responsible for the demise of Enron; my nonexistent son worked for Hillary; etc.. The latest seems to be that I called for the creation of a housing bubble — in fact, the bubble is my fault! The claim seems to be based on this piece.

Guys, read it again. It wasn’t a piece of policy advocacy, it was just economic analysis. What I said was that the only way the Fed could get traction would be if it could inflate a housing bubble. And that’s just what happened."

Já agora, também Defending what Paul Krugman Wrote pelo economista "libertarian" Arnold Kling.

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